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Sofia decided to come on holiday with me, I instantly knew it was a bad idea but I said okay. I
didn’t want her to be at home alone for the holidays. We were more acquaintances than friends
and didn’t really see eye to eye on much so I wondered why she wanted to come away with me.
I had a holiday placement in a summer camp in the US and begged me to see if I could get her a
place. Luckily for her I knew a camp counselor that had been going for the last four years and he
helped to pull some strings and got her a position.

She ended up loving it and having the best time, I on the other hand didn’t have such a great
time with her being there. It’s a long story and I won’t go into it but what did come out of it was
that I knew I should have listened to my gut in the first place. It’s been five years since this time
has passed and I am still not over how my supposed friend treated me on that vacation. I am a
sensitive type you see. Not overly sensitive, but sensitive. Some of my friends call me a Tea Tree
oil Shampoo loving yuppie, just because I read the Guardian newspaper. I always bow in
gratitude as I love a good old Tea Tree Shampoo by Maple Holistics and not only that I am proud of my sensitive
nature. It can be a cruel world at times so if that makes me a hippy then so be it.
In all fairness though, no matter whether I had been sensitive or not my friend’s behavior was
un-called for, so it wasn’t a matter of my over-sensitivity but more just about common decency
on how we should treat each other.

The last four years I have gone back and been a Camp Counsellor and luckily my old
acquaintance has gone on to other shores. I have also decided to take up further studies in the
USA and move there permanently if I can. I like the USA. It’s huge and so diverse. I have a few
friends in NY and Cali and a great friend in Chicago who is majorly into comedy. Chicago comes
across as the comedy capital of the US. So many great comics have come out of there. So I have
a fair few friends in different areas and well this land just beckons me. I am in the middle of
applying to extend my studies and just waiting for news. I hope I get in to NYU. They do a great
graduate program and well I just love NY. I have been there a few times now. I would sometimes
go there for a few weeks after my Camp Counselling summer was over. I had debated studying
in Chicago but I just think I would be missing NY. So fingers crossed. I think it’s time I leave the
shores of the British Isles and make my way to brighter futures. I should hear soon! As for my
acquaintance, it’s all in the past now but what I do know is never to ignore your gut, it’s usually
right 10 times out of 10!

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