The Derma Roller


The derma roller looks like one of the weirdest cosmetics apparatuses ever. And it is, in fact, one of the weirdest apparatuses ever! True to its name, it is a roller type device which you roll over your skin. It effectively wounds the skin – ever so slightly – and makes room for change to occur. It basically hastens the natural process of cell regeneration. Some levels of rolling puncture the skin even more than lightly, and there are some times when there is actual bleeding.

The idea of piercing the skin just so it will regenerate is not a new one. It is like the idea of using leeches for health purposes. It is an old, old idea, which has been given a new, modern-day twist. You don’t necessarily need a salon or dermatology appointment to do this, although it will be wise to do it professionally the first time, and then do follow-up sessions at home if you are so inclined.


One is able to take years off of their skin’s look, and it is not a process that happens in one session. It takes time and patience to achieve the look that you want, and sometimes it can be painful. Who was it that said ‘beauty is pain’? I forget. But either way, it is true. Sometimes there is some pain involved, and this is the main reason why it is best to do it first at a salon or dermatologist’s office.

The derma roller may work, and for others it can also be done with other, similar products, like a pen or different kind of peel. This is not the solution to end all solutions. If you do end up doing it at home, remember to roll with a short needle, and to take time between sessions. This is paramount.

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