The Glock 19 Gen 4 Americas Handgun

It is funny how a gun will quickly change a situation. You can call someone a name and not think twice about it but if they have a Glock 19 right there in front of you there is a good chance you will think twice about what you are going to say. This is a major reason I am a proponent of handguns. They happen to give a person a sense of security that martial arts just doesn’t give people. There is a long history of guns in America and frankly it isn’t all bad. How do you think people survived in this country. If they wanted to eat they needed to hunt and you needed a rifle to hunt so it is fairly simple to connect that without guns we would not have become the nation we now are. Even Indians used guns and they are like the biggest hippies ever. The point to be made is that guns and people’s views on them are a matter of perspective. Most people would say they do a great service and deter people from causing while a huge swath of people tend to believe guns are the problem with society and that we wouldn’t have racism if we would only get rid of guns.

No matter the side you choose I will always choose the side with the most guns mainly because it is the smarter choice every time. You have to be extremely conscious of the world around you and any everyday carrier is well aware of his world. He has to be because his gun and life depend on it. I depend on my Glock 19 Gen 4 (Gunivore) which is a 9mm semi-auto hand gun made by the Glock gun company. Their guns are the best on the market and you can read up on them if you really want. The thing about gun ownership that really turns me on is that it attracts hot women who know how to please a man. The hotter the weapon the hotter the girl and there is nothing as tasty as that. I cannot sell you on the idea of guns but for sure I can s

ell sex. That is why statistically gun owners have more sex than their pussy anti-gun co-patriots. I think we can agree that we all love our country but some of us know how to raise a country of MEN while others know how to raise a country of Sassy’s . I can smell a gun from a mile a well. I can also smell a Burger King from that distance. It is a skill I have put to use many times. You should not operate a gun when high on drugs or when drinking. You should also not drive and shoot. I have never tried any of those things, ever, really….really!

If you don’t want any trouble you should buy a gun it is simple math and the price you pay for a handgun will pale in comparison to the amount of time you will save not having to put up with someone else’s bullshit.


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