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I love the spring and summer seasons a lot. Definitely my favorite. With winter, it is just a bummer. Wind, cold, dark, and nasty weather. I am a sunshine girl, and I always have been. Summer has one main drawback for me. The sunshine really gets my blonde hair, and causes it to develop a kind of really yellow tone in some areas. I have used hair-coloring products on it, but the yellow tones persist. I don’t mind it in some areas. It is not to have different tones. But when it becomes a few patches of overly-yellow, I doesn’t look to good.

I use Clairol’s Shimmer Lights purple shampoo (check out our review on MapleHolistics.com) to counter these effects. When summer rolls around, I use it even if nothing has creeper up yet. That is an advantage this shampoo has. You can use it once every week or two, and it will help keep your hair color balanced. Not matter the braand, remember that purple shampoo is not a shampoo for everyday use. It is not to be used in that way, because it has a very strong dye in it.  Use it for maintenance and care. Your natural or dyed head of blonde hair can benefit from the occasional purple shampoo treatment, and Clairol’s version of this product is a great way to get started. If you see that it is not reaching the desired results, try a different brand or make your own shampoo at home!

As far as price goes, Clairol’s purple shampoo is not very cheap and not too expensive. It is somewhere in the middle, but it gets the job done. Worth the price, if you find that it is a kind of shampoo which agrees with you. Remember that since it is not an everyday shampoo, it will last you a lot longer. Worth the investment, in my opinion. Clairol’s purple shampoo had a kind of disadvantage, which was that it dried up my hair a bit more than I would like to. I was able to counter that attribute by add some moisturizer to my purple shampoo routine. When I did that, I was able to keep the hair’s vitality and shine, without compromising my scalp or my feeling. Who wants to walk around with an itchier scalp, right?

Using purple shampoo is not a must, but it is a great solution if you periodically find streaks of yellow which are too yellow in your hair. People with blonde highlights in dark hair also use it on occasion. I will always be a summer person. No doubt about it. Even with the harsh sun doing things to my hair, I can handle it with some purple shampoo action. It is an effective way to maintain your hair, and it takes very little effort on your part, providing you have already found a brand you are happy with or have made your own shampoo.

So, why am I writing this? Simply because I can’t wait for summer to come back and visit us.


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