Glocks Are The Best

Glock is one of best-known firearms manufacturers in the world. Guns have been around for hundreds of years, and Glock’s guns have only been around since the early 1980s. So, what is it about their guns which is so noteworthy?

Well, first off, those guns are actually revolutionary. Gaston Glock – who is still alive, by the way! – came up with the idea of using his own polymer-2 compound to create a personal firearm. This was done at the request of the Austrian authorities, who asked him to participate in a bid for the Austrian forces’ new sidearm.

Glock decided to take on the challenge, and after several months of planning and execution, the Austrian minister of defense received the prototype of what would later become the Glock 17 – a lightweight, full-sized, semi-automatic handgun, with a 17-round magazine capacity and a metal/polymer-2 build.

Gaston’s invention won the bid, and Austrian officers and soldiers were soon seen with a Glock 17 handgun in their holsters. Other nations began to take notice, and eventually NATO also got on board, providing Glock 17 with a NATO serial number, and catapulting it to ever greater mainstream success.

At its release, Glock’s handgun was met with some amount of criticism and even ridicule. People did not believe that a “plastic” gun would be of any real use, and many critics said the Glock 17 would not make it in the long run. Boy, were they wrong. Glock is still going strong, after almost 40 years.

Obviously, there are those who choose not to use Glock, and who stick with metal-based weapons on general principle. There seems to be this ongoing bickering and arguing at gun shows and online firearms forums, all about polymer- and metal-based weapons. I don’t actually care for that. I feel that if the gun fits, use it. is where you need to go when it comes to learning about everything guns.

A gun is a gun is a gun. If you can handle it, and if you feel you can trust it, then use it. And don’t pay any mind to what anyone else says. This is your weapon of choice, and not theirs. As long as you take the necessary precautions, and educate yourself, and train yourself, there is nothing you cannot do with even a mediocre gun. The operator is the one who has the power. It is of great importance that you feel that confidence, because when things hit the proverbial fan, it is on you to react, and react fast. This is why practice is so important.

We all have a fight or flight mechanism in our brain. You never know what you will do, until the moment arrives, if ever. In order to give yourself the absolute best shot (pardon my unworthy pun), you need to have judgement and a sure hand. And that comes with training. Once you are carrying for a while, and have gotten used to firing, you will probably feel more secure. I do, anyway, and it is because I know I am hypothetically ready for a situation. Everything can change in an instant. Be prepred and be confident.

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