The Need to be Invisible

There are times in life when you wish you could just become invisible. Actually, that’s not a fair statement. It might not be universally true, but I know that I have definitely felt that way when it comes to certain situations. it’s more than that though really, if we’re going to become personal about it. It’s not that I don’t want to be seen it’s that I want to cease to exist for a little while. Sometimes that’s because of too much attention and other times it’s because it’s difficult to handle things. It would be cool if we could just take a time out from life for a couple minutes. That reminds me of that movie Space Jam. I don’t really remember it so well, but I know that he goes into an alternate universe where he plays basketball with some cartoons. That sounds like a nice time out. I don’t remember what happens after that, but I know he comes back to re ality after a bit. That’s what I mean by invisible.

That being said, I know that some people thrive off the fact that they can be seen. Social media might have done that to us. It made us have a need to put our lives on the internet. I think the saddest part about social media, is that our reality literally exists on there. That means that even people who wouldn’t necessarily usually be on there have to just to stay in touch with people. This is especially relevant of events and businesses who need to stay relevant. Advertising used to be limited to billboards and maybe a few TV ads. If not that then maybe a flyer in a newspaper or even just word of mouth. Now, if you’re not on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Pinterest, you can forget about anyone knowing that you exist. The truth is that not every company even has something to post on Instagram. It’s just not globally relevant. This means that businesses lose out rather than gain by being on there. But I guess that some exposure is better than no exposure. Maybe they think the same thing. Either way, it makes it practically impossible to be invisible. Honestly, that might be the reason why people want a time out from life in the first place – because we’re so consistently in demand. It’s not even that we’re so in demand, it’s that we’re genuinely expected to be available around the clock. Imagine how detrimental this can be on how you perceive yourself. You have zero time for yourself because you’re always available to everyone else. No wonder I have a need to be invisible sometimes. Sometimes life throws things at you that you just want a break from, but no, you have to fake a smile and post a photo just because that’s what society expects of you. That’s why I deleted all my social media apps from my phone – to give myself a little invisibility.

The rest of my site isn’t invisible.

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