Finding Time to Think Creatively in a Busy Day

In this modern, digital, instant gratification-seeking age, it can be difficult to find a moment to mentally breathe. Due to the nature of the digital business world, information and answers travel instantaneously which ensures that there’s always something for you to be working on. Finding time to think clearly period can be difficult, let alone finding time to think creatively. This is why it’s important to internalize the fact that you are not going to *find* this time. You’re going to have to *make* this time. Create it, if you will. Now I know that there are only so many hours in the day, but you’re going to have to get creative when it comes to finding time to think creatively (pun definitely intended- see, I’m thinking creatively already!).

If finding time to think creatively in a busy day is important to you, you must set a time during which you can turn your attention to just thinking creatively. It doesn’t have to be too long – perhaps 10 to 20 minutes – but it does need to be utterly dedicated. This means you need to turn off your phone and your computer, sever ties from work or personal obligations, and just think. Anything less than this sort of effort will be compromised and you won’t actually be doing any genuine, deep thinking.

So it will just wind up being another waste of time, and then you’ll have to magically find another 10-20 minutes in the day to get the job done. If you attempt to think creatively in the midst of working on other obligations, at the first text message or e-mail your train of thought will be derailed and genuine progress will not be made. Prioritize this time and commit yourself to it and you will find that it not only works, but that you can benefit from this sort of a mental break in other respects as well.

Also consider your environment when you’re trying to think creatively. Don’t be in a sterile environment with no inspiration. Rather, be in a place with a fun vibe. Maybe you like different textures, different colors, or different types of light. Do you listen to music when you want to be creative? Do you maybe prefer to be outside rather than inside in order to get the creative juices really flowing? If so, you’re not alone. Many people prefer to do this, so you’re in good company! Each person is unique in their thinking and their needs, so don’t be afraid to try some things out in order to help you determine what might work best for you. Whether you need to be creative for work, for your personal life, or something in between, it is possible to do so! For some people it comes more naturally than others, but everyone is capable of developing this skill. And imagine the possibilities when you let yourself go crazy with being creative!

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